Leamington Raceway | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is Post Time at Leamington Raceway? How early can I come?

Post time for the first race is always at 1:30 p.m. Often, you can arrive at noon or 12:30 p.m. which is when we start to open everything up. Also, there is a regular Auction on the same grounds (Leamington Fairgrounds) before racing starts, so you can likely get into the gates even earlier. Please check with Legacy Auctions for more details on the auctions.

Are dogs allowed to be brought to Leamington Raceway?

You are able to bring certified working animals, naturally. However, with the exception of the participants in the annual Wiener Dog Races, no other pets or animals are permitted.

Can I make bets in U.S. dollars and receive U.S. winnings?

All winnings are in Canadian dollars, so therefore it is best to place bets in Canadian currency. There are plenty of Currency Exchange outlets in town, and along the way.

How much does it cost for admission and parking?

There is no cost for admission or for parking when attending a Live horse racing event at Leamington Raceway. i.e. Free parking, free admission.

Are children welcome at Leamington Raceway? Can they place bets?

Children are permitted to come to Leamington Raceway, and we generally have kid-friendly and family events to encourage it. However, the minimum age to place a bet is 18 years.

Can pictures be taken, and videos be recorded, at Leamington Raceway?

You are welcome to use cameras while visiting Leamington Raceway racing areas. However, please refrain from using flashes around the horses, and from taking pictures/videos of other people without their consent. Be sure to share your snaps with us on Facebook and Twitter. Using #feeltherace on Twitter will land your Tweets on our homepage.

Are food and drinks available on-site?

Leamington Raceway has a licensed bar area that serves alcohol and a variety of snack foods. You may bring purchased food outside of the bar, however, the alcohol must stay in the designated area. Other food options are sometimes available, such as bar-b-q, during Live Racing.

Are there self-serve betting machines at Leamington Raceway? How about ATM machines?

There are a few betting machines designated for self betting service. Generally, there are 5 in total, with 3 of them having the ability to accept cash. You may purchase a cash voucher from a teller, and the voucher can be used in any of the self-serve machines. Next to the bank of 3 bill accepting self serve machines, you will also find an ATM.

What is the minimum amount to place a bet?


Where is Leamington Raceway located? How do I get there?

Please visit our Map & Location page for live maps and directions.

How do I get in touch with any of the Lakeshore Horse Racing Association staff?

Please view our Contact page with staff listings & contact information, as well as a general email contact form.

How can I find out what family fun is happening at Leamington Raceway?

Our homepage has the event information for the coming Sunday event, but you can also check out the Live Schedule & Events page for a listing of all Events. It is updated frequently.

Where can I see the Leamington racing Results and Entries?

All results and entries are available on the Standardbred Canada website. We also maintain a list of Leamington Raceway Results & Entries on this page here.

Do you offer suggestions on which horse might be the winner of a given race?

Handicapping is an art as much of a science. And, really, it’s anybody’s guess. And anything can happen on any given day. It might be the favourite that comes in, or the long shot might surprise everyone at the finish line. With that said, their is a talented young man, Nathan Bain, that grew up in the industry and shares his Race Picks, and he offers great insight on upcoming races.

How do I get a racing program?

We make racing programs freely available for download (in PDF format) on our web site. The Programs Download page also includes locations (stores, gas stations, etc.) where you can pick up an early copy. In addition, you may purchase a printed program when you come to the track.

Can I advertise in the Race Program?

We have a variety of advertising options available, including ad spots in the Race Program. Please visit our Advertising page to see the variety of options and to find contact information for our Program Advertising & Sponsorship Coordinator.

Your news page is a little barren. Are there openings for news writers for Leamington Raceway?

We would love the opportunity to speak with volunteers about writing unique and exclusive news that can be included within our web site. Volunteers can link to their social profiles and web sites from their articles, and will receive full credit. In addition, we may share the news articles throughout our social networks.

This could mean great exposure for you as a writer, and another avenue to share your thoughts and ideas. Reach out to us here if interested.

Is Leamington Raceway wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There is also convenient, marked, accessible parking available.

Stay Tuned for the 2019 Season Coming Soon!

Upcoming Association Meeting: A meeting has been called for Thursday July 11, 2019 at the Essex Civic Centre at 7 pm. Everyone welcome.